Stop The Stress – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #31



Today’s topic is around Stress… Stress is a natural emotion which comes up in life and on today’s Feel Good Thoughts #31 I share with you some self love solutions which can help when in stressful situations.

When stress appears I do some self love solutions including;

  1. Stop, Step Back and Breathe; If you feel like you are getting stressed or overwhelmed try to stop doing whatever it is that you are doing that’s making you feel stressed. Step back or move away from the situation and take some time out to just breathe. Try to fix the focus more on breathing and seeking calmness around the situation.
  2. Find the calmness in the situation; Once you are able to stop, step away and breathe, it enables you to start to focus more on your breathe which will allow you to seek some calmness.
  3. Take time out; If you are inside working and feeling overwhelmed then take some time out and go outside, get some fresh air and take some time to breathe, go for a little walk and release the stress.
  4. Stop speaking and start listening within; If you are in a stressful conversation or situation then try to stop speaking and being seeking for some calmness in this situation. Once you feel calm, then being to find a solution to help overcome the stressful situation.
  5. Put things in perspective; Step out of the situation and think about putting things in perspective to assist with seeking clarity and calmness.

‘Fix your focus on the solution rather then the stress. Where your focus goes your energy flows. So focus on the solution and calmness’

Tune into the podcast above where I chat more about seeking solutions in a stressful situation.

Have a beautiful weekend,