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Create A Feel Good Workplace.

The Feel Good Corporate Workshop is designed to assist with

  • Business Vision, Mission and Values
  • Team Work
  • Time Management
  • Self Development
  • Gratitude In The Workshop
  • Goal Setting & Action Steps
  • Step Into Greatness

Hear what people are saying about
the Feel Good Workshop

Joey is a very motivating person. I have definitely taken alot out of her workshop.

‘Gotta love Joey. She is very high energy and she is a very motivating person. I have been in those kind of motivational workshops before and I admit I never took anything out of them but on first meeting with Joey, the way she comes across, you feel comfortable talking to her. I have definitely taken a lot out of her workshop and I am very thankful for both, what she told me and my boss for putting me through it’

– Tammy

Joey is able to bring out the best in everybody around her.

‘Joey I found to be truly inspiring, she is just such a big bright happy personality and able to bring out the best in everybody around her. Certainly the workshop that we did outside with the juggling balls, that just released all the tensions and broke down the barriers with all of us’

– Belinda

Workshop Outcomes

Ready to create wellness in the workplace? The Feel Good Corporate Workshop is a 4 hour workshop ready to move, motivate and grow your team to excel and feel good in the workplace.



Evaluate the importance of teamwork and why support for each other in the workplace is a MUST. Learn ways in which teamwork can be incorporated in the workplace. Participate in group activities which will leave the team feeling more connected and supported.

time management

Time Management

Learn strategies on how to manage time more effectively. Establish individual ‘focus’ time to assist with productivity. Learn ways to make the day more efficient and stress free.

Self Development

Self Development

Staff will discover what really drives them in their career, what they enjoy, what their passionate about in their job role and where they want to grow in their career development.


Gratitude & Intentions

What are intentions?

Learn how to set daily intentions.


Through a simple but effective gratitude activity, the team members share gratitude for support they have given each other, as well as share successes they have eastablished in the workplace.

goal setting

Step Into Greatness

Learn tools and ways to improve from good to great. Evaluate how you can do things differently to assist with elevating the level of productivity and performance, so you can step into your greatness.

Discover a power phase which will assist with improving from good to great.

goal setting


Joey carries out one on one goal setting coaching sessions, known as ‘Action Sessions’. These sessions are powerful 45 minute sessions with each staff member to go through some key individual gials in which they want to achieve as well as strategies for time management.

Motivate & Inspire Your Team


4 hour workshop

Manual for each staff member

Team Building Actvities

Held in the comfort of your workplace