If not you, then who? – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #50



I want to end the week with some Feel Good Friday inspiration!!

Today’s Feel Good Thought is…If not you, then who?

This inspirational Feel Good Thought today is about having self belief and really believing in you.

There is a great youtube video by knickback which ties in nicely with the theme of if not you then who? It is called “What are you waiting for?”

It talks about “What are you waiting for?” and some of the inspiring words from the song are;

Are you waiting for the right excuse?

Are you waiting for the perfect night?

Are you waiting till the time is right?

Don’t you want to learn to deal with fear?

Don’t you want to take the wheel and steer?

You gotta go reach for the top

Believe in every dream that you got

Your only living once so tell me

What are you waiting for?”

(Click on the youtube video below to watch the entire video)

Aren’t these words above powerful? – What are you waiting for?

The difference between success and failure can be a shortfall of just giving up too soon, so don’t be afraid to keep going and pushing through the challenging times to reach your dreams. Believe in the dreams you have!

Here are three things to consider when thinking about the quote – ‘If not you, then who?’

  1. What is Your WHY??
  2. What result are you trying to achieve? Why are you hoping to achieve this?
  3. How would it feel if you achieved this goal?

Remember If not your then who – so go out and work on your dreams. Tune into today’s feel good thought by clicking on the play button above to hear more inspiration about this topic.

Have a great weekend,


PS.  Watch the YouTube inspiring video below