Morning Rituals – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #33



Today I want to share with you the importance of incorporating daily rituals.

Daily rituals are activities that you enjoy and benefit you towards helping you to feel good. I enjoy doing daily rituals in the morning each day to help me start the day in a positive way.

I find that taking some time out for you to do things that you love in the morning, really help with providing a solid foundation for the day ahead.

I know that even if I just take 15 minutes in the morning for some rituals time, it can make all the difference with feeling good and starting the day in a positive way.

Some of my morning rituals are;

– Watching the sunrise
– Meditation practice
– Yoga practice
– Mindfulness – Write down my thoughts
– Think positive thoughts – affirmations
– Read something inspiring
– Move my body – some form of exercise
– Catch up with a friend to go for a walk
– Nourish the body ie. Enjoy a green smoothie

How do you find the time to do morning rituals?

1. Wake up earlier in the morning; Even if you begin with waking up just 15 minutes earlier to take some time to start your day with mindfulness and positivity, this can make all the difference. I usually try and wake up an hour earlier to dedicate that time just for me.

2. Go to bed earlier; Try to go to bed earlier at night, so it is easier to wake up earlier in the morning.

3. Social Media free time; Replace social media moments in the morning with mindfulness moments. Ie. Whilst you eat breakfast or are enjoying a cup of tea in the morning, use that time to focus on setting some intentions for the day ahead or think positive thoughts and have some quiet time for you where you can be mindful without any technology.

4. Consistency Is The Key; Once you start doing the morning rituals on a regular basis, it makes it much easier to keep doing them. Be consistent and enjoy the benefits that morning rituals provide.

‘Morning rituals are beautiful moments of time for you’

What are some of your morning rituals? Share them below.


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