Take Care Of YOU – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #39


Goodmorning and HAPPY MONDAY!!

Start this week in a nurturing and nourishing way by taking care of you. YES that’s right, it is time to take care of you because YOU are responsible for your own happiness and your own health.

When you are able to nurture and nourish yourself, you fill up your cup full of goodness. And when your cup is filled and it begins to overflow with the positivity, happiness and love you feel, it makes it easier to share this with others.

So, today, start the day in a positive way by doing whatever it takes to take care of you. It may be by starting the day with some self compliments.

Complimenting yourself at first may feel a little strange but we are awesome at complimenting others so why not compliment yourself. When you give yourself positive reinforcement and praise you are allowing yourself to feel good. What compliment could you give yourself right now? Or think about this…

‘What is something beautiful about you?’

Tune into today’s podcast for more ideas on how you can ‘take care of YOU’ today!

Light and happiness,