Standing For Self Love – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #51


Today I share with you a Feel Good Thoughts Podcast featuring Virginia (Gini) Salas Kastilio, who is a trilingual third culture kid and has grown up all over the world. After a five year career in the high ranking corporates of Apple and Oracle, she has decided to devote her life to the research and spreading of Happiness.

She defines herself as a “Catalyst” and is leading a worldwide movement of raising the collective consciousness to new levels of self love and awareness. Her brand “Ginicanbreathe” is where she shares her social art performances and conscious acts of kindness. She speaks out for autenticity and transparency in all aspects of human life. At the age of 26 she has already touched hundreds of thousands of lives with her work.

Gini shares more about her work in happiness and self love. She shares about an experience in which she had when she walked up to union square and had a sign that read ‘Im standing for anyone who has ever had self esteem issues like me, if you support self love, draw a heart on my body’.

She then stood there blind folded in her underwear with a marker in her hand and as she stood there Gini explains how she waited around 30sec then the first marker was lifted off her hand and someone drew something then constantly for the next hour the marker was lifted and people where approaching her drawing a love heart on her body to show their support for self love. Gini explains…

“Everytime the marker touched down on my body, I felt that connection between all of us that we all feel the same… you are me – I am you…we all have insecurities and we are all battling with the same problem which can be so easily fixed by acceptance and love” 

Tune into the podcast to hear more about her experience and tune into the youtube video below to watch highlights from ‘Standing For Self Love’


And as always we finish the Feel Good Thoughts Podcast with one feel good thought, today’s thought is from Gini;

 ‘To every person that you encounter, just leave them happier then they were before. Spread love everywhere you go and when you make that your mission with everybody – it changes everything around. Just be of value, be loving and giving to everyone that you meet’.

For more information about Gini visit her website;

CLICK HERE to watch Ginicanbreathe YouTube videos.

Have a great day!