Put Down Your Phone- Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #48



Today’s Feel Good Thought is about disconnecting from technology and reconnecting to self and this begins by being mindful of the time spent on the phone.

The thought for today is… ‘Put down your phone and reconnect to self’

Be mindful today of the time you are spending looking at a screen, whether it be a computer screen, phone, ipad etc… We can fill so many quiet moments in our day by looking at our phone and scrolling through social media. Today I share with you some ways in which you can put down your phone, disconnect from technology and reconnect to self.

  1. Step outside and just breathe. If you are working indoors on the computer all day, think about what do you do on your lunch break. If you are tempted to check your phone, try to take some moments of timeout to step outside instead and get some fresh air, take a look around at the environment that surrounds you and have gratitude for what you see.
  2. Spend lunchtime with a colleague and enjoy lunch chatting with each other. Instead of spending lunchtime, eating and hanging out on to social media, hang out with a colleague and chat instead.
  3. Focus on your food. Turn the phone off or put it away when you eat a meal. When we focus on what we eat, we enjoy the meal more and are more mindful of how much food we are consuming.
  4. 20minutes before bedtime, disconnect from any techonology and do something nourishing for you such as enjoy a cup of tea or listen to relaxing music, read a book or use this time as a reflection time to think about the best part of the day and people who you are grateful for in your life.

Today think about how can you disconnect from technology and reconnect to self. Listen to the podcast by clicking on the play button above to find out more.

Have a beautiful day,