Circuit Training

Today I want to share with you some information about circuit training. What is circuit training and why do I love to incorporate circuit training in my sessions?

Circuit training is a great way to incorporate strength and cardio into a session. It is a fun motivating way to mix up your training and is perfect if  you are training in a group as each person can be set up at a different station of the circuit, complete the exercise then move on to the next station. It is fun and adds variety into a session. I often train with a friend of mine at the gym and we will set up a circuit and work through it together.

Circuit Training Fit Tips:

1. Choose the exercises: When choosing what exercises at each station of the circuit you want to have variety with using the entire body. For example choose lunges then pushups to follow next. Rather then have lunges and squats on the next station because then you would have two leg exercises in a row.

2. What Equipment Should You Use? With circuit training it is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to use equipment or no equipment. You can get a great workout either way.

3. Set a Time Limit: Set a time frame for each station such as 30sec workout, 30 second recovery then move onto the next station. The amount of time for the entire circuit can vary depending on the number of stations.

4. Good Technique: Remember to keep your technique and form in tact when working out. Circuit training is fun as there is a variety of exercises incorporated in a circuit but it is also important to remember to train safely with good technique.

Example of Circuit Training:

Last week I did a beach circuit session including the following:

30 sec exercise, 30 sec rest

Station 1: Sit Ups: Crunches with the stones I found on the beach

Station 2: Running through the water

Station 3: Push Ups

Station 4: Walking lunges with the stones as weights.

I hope you have a active weekend everyone.

Light and Happiness,