Forget The Fear – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #49



Today’s Feel Good Thought is…”Forget Your Fear and Move Forward!”

In today’s podcast, I share some awareness around the emotion of fear. Learn how to overcome fear as it appears with these three steps to consider:

  1. Take time out and just breathe;  It is difficult to find clarity around a fear when you are flooded in the emotion. By sitting and breathing in peace and quiet it will help you to slow down, find some calmness and understand why you are feeling the fear. So, by slowing down, focusing on the breathe it can help with decreasing any stress around the fear and seeking some stillness and clarity.
  2. Talk it out: Speak to someone about your fear and talk it out! When you are able to share the fear with another it can help with overcoming the fear, they may be able to support you so you feel a decrease in the fearful emotion and it also can help with putting things in perspective.
  3. Take Action: Knowing that if you speak to someone about your fear, work through the awareness of why you are feeling the fear and take some time out to just breathe, then you are one step closer to moving forward by taking action. When taking action you are seeking a way towards finding a solution and moving forward.

‘Even the most courageous people have fears to overcome’

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