Decisions Shape Direction – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #40


Happy Weekend!

Today I want to share the thought around ‘decisions shape direction!’.

When making a decision YOU need to make a choice and once you make a choice things will change. And your choices will have a impact on the direction in which you want to go.

So, it is really important to ensure to make healthy choices which will work positively in the direction of where you want to go.

Sometimes decisions can be really tough because you’re not sure on which way to go. But what is more challenging? Making a decision or staying stuck in the mud and not moving anywhere without a decision at all?

I want to share with you this two step process I consider when making a decision;

  1. Think about all the variables: What will happen if you make the decision, what will happen if you don’t. What choices do you have around the decision and what healthy choice will you decide when moving forward.
  2. Ask your heart what it is that you really want to do: I like to sit in some peace and quiet and allow my inner thoughts and feelings to help guide me with making a healthy decision – sometimes you just know in your heart the real direction in which you want to go. Therefore by sitting in peace and quiet and having a clear mind to think about the variables, can help with making a decision from the heart.

Tune into today’s Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #40 where I share more about how decisions shape direction.

Have a great weekend!