Dealing With Disappointment – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #43


Life is not always easy and sometimes things happen which are disappointing. In today’s Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #43 I open my heart and share how I coped through a disappointment recently which really broke my heart. It was one of those situations which I didn’t see coming and I never thought it would happen to me.

How did I cope to overcome the disappointment? 

The first thing I did was honor the now. I allowed myself to feel sad, to cry whatever it is I was feeling then I began to immerse myself into love and think about the disappointment and out of the experience was there something I could learn?

I realised that it will make me be stronger and next time I will have more knowledge, I discovered there were lessons I have learnt. But I also remembered to honor the now, I felt the feelings but then I knew I had to get back up, I couldn’t give up. I remembered this….

To think about the blessings and lessons!

Everything happens for a reason and good comes out of it, is a quote I always bring up when I am going through challenges. And then I ask this question… “After a disappointment how is there any good from this situation?”

Then I asked the question again… and I thought; The good is in the lesson, the good is in the learning, the good is knowing that you have the strength to get back up again and move forward. So, today know that if you are going through a challenge that you can do this, you can get back up, build your strength and move on.

You see I don’t believe life is about winning – it is experience and along the way the lessons we learn and the growth that comes from an experience is a gift.

Never give up on yourself, reach out to someone who is a support unit who can help you through a challenging time and know that you can do this.

Tune into today’s podcast above to hear more about dealing with disappointment, it is a raw straight from the heart podcast and one you don’t want to miss.

Sending you love, light and happiness,