Bounce Forward ft Sam Cawthorn – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #42



Today on this Feel Good Thoughts Podcast I have one of the most energetic, positive people that I know. He is an international speaker, has been Young Australian Of The Year, spoken in 36 countries and reached around 1.5 million people in live events, is the founder of Speakers Institute and is the author of 6 books all around the topic of Bounce Forward… I am with Sam Cawthorn.

To begin todays podcast, Sam shares his story about what inspired him to write his book ‘Bounce Forward’ and about how he learnt from a crisis in his life to bounce forward.

We also chat about how it is a new year and many people are setting new year resolutions. Sam shares a fantastic idea around choosing one specific word which you can grow into and go deep in and learn more about.

What’s your theme and your word for this year?

Tune into this inspiring Feel Good Thoughts Podcast to find out more about choosing your own word and also to hear Sam’s final powerful Feel Good Thought about gratefulness.

Have a great day!