Moments Of Happiness

Goodmorning beautiful friends,

This morning I want to share with you ‘moments of happiness’. What determines your happiness?

There is one person who really determines your happiness and that person is YOU!

YOU have the power to be as happy as you desire… So, today choose happiness.

As I rise and SHINE to start my day, I begin by firstly thinking of the following moments of happiness:


‘Loving yourself is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give’

As I get ready in the morning, I replace the negative thoughts of ‘I’m tired and have no energy today’ or ‘I don’t like this skirt on me today’ with LOVING words of ‘I feel energised and grateful for the restful sleep I had last night!’ or ‘I feel amazing in this top today’ ‘I am beautiful’. This step is so important as it lays down a foundation of self love to begin the day. It provides yourself with energy boosting love and happiness. As humans we are wonderful at complimenting others but now is the time to give ourself some of those compliments too. Take time this morning to Love YOU! When you begin to nuture you and love you more this is one of the most beautiful moments of happiness.


‘When you need someone to believe in you, start with yourself!’

Start the day with a positive affirmation or words which provide you with a positive mindset. Being happy means choosing to have a positive mindset and believing in yourself. Some phases or words could be ‘I can do anything I desire to do!’, ‘Today is a wonderful day’, ‘I believe in myself’, ‘I have the courage to conquer any challenges that may come my way today’, ‘I am amazing!’. Say these words over and over and really believe in yourself that you can do whatever you desire to do, you can be happy, loving, successful or whatever you desire to be. Believing in yourself brings you happiness knowing that you can do this.


‘Take time to appreciate life’s blessings’

Take time out daily to slow down, stop, reflect and have gratitude. Appreciate all the blessings in your life. Think about all the goodness that surrounds you and is within you. Think about the wonderful relationships you have with family and friends, the beautiful experiences you have shared with loved ones, think about the environment that surrounds you, whatever brings you joy, happiness and love capture those moments as they are the moments of happiness and blessings that you are filled with daily.

Each day we have moments of happiness which appear in our life, they may sometimes be only something small like a work colleague noticing you are busy at work and offering to bring you a fresh juice or coffee, it may be a friend calling to check in on you and they say ‘I have missed you’, or a loved one saying ‘I love you’. Take time to treasure the small blessings, love and happiness that fills your heart each day. Think about these little sprinkles of love that fall into your lap daily because often these little things can be missed. Take time to give thanks to the sprinkles of love, the blessings that have come your way and treasure these moments of happiness. Each morning reflect back on the previous 24hours or 48hours and think about all the wonderful moments of joy, happiness and love whether it be large or small, treasure each moment of happiness and know it has fulfilled your heart with joy.

I hope this morning you are able to do one, two or all three steps towards lighting the moments of happiness within you.

Have a beautiful day,

Light, Love and Happiness,