No Excuses ft Pat Farmer – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #44


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Start the week feeling inspired by listening to the latest Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #44 where I interview an inspiring Australian, who has been a multiple world record holder for endurance running, has served 8 years as a Member of Australia’s Parliament, with 3 years as Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Science and Training. He has been the winner of ‘Achiever of the Year’ (2000), awarded by the Prime Minister and has raised millions of dollars for causes during his 20 year running career. Today I am excited to share an inspiring interview with Pat Farmer.

Pat has achieved many incredible ultra marathon events including the Pole to Pole run which was 20,900km. In this run, he achieved more then 20 million steps from the North Pole to the South Pole running. Something which is pretty amazing about this run was that Pat did the entire race against time with no days off at all. He ran for 10 months and 13 days covering 14 countries.

Throughout today’s podcast, Pat chats about his journey from Pole to Pole and also about his upcoming ‘Spirit Of India Run’ which commences tomorrow on Australia Day. This run is a journey from the southern most point of India along the west coast towards Mumbai and beyond to Delhi and the Himalayan mountains. Pat is about to embark on a run which is over 4000km in 60 days. He will be running an average 80km each day. Isn’t that amazing!!

Pat’s aim for this run is to promote goodwill, friendship and trade between Australia and India, while also highlighting and raising funds for girls’ education in India.

I asked Pat if he has a motivational quote, a feel good thought or something that inspires him. He shared this…

“There is no force on this earth greater then your own personal will. If you want to do something and I mean literally if you want to do anything with all your heart, you can and you will find a way. But if you don’t truly want to do it, you will simply find an excuse. Figure out what it is that you want with all your heart and remember no excuses” – Pat Farmer

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