Trust Your Hustle ft Anthony Trucks – Feel Good Thoughts Podcast #46



Today’s Feel Good Thought is featuring Anthony Trucks who is a inspiring speaker who speaks across the globe, he is also a former NFL player and owner of Trust Your Hustle.

Anthony shares in today’s Feel Good Thoughts podcast some inspiring Feel Good Thoughts about how to overcome life hardships to help you feel better and stronger.

Nightly 90

Anthony also talks about his nightly 90 videos which have key messages that are so point on and about how the videos are really inspiring thoughts which are more like a journal. Anthony speaks from his heart in his Nightly 90 which is 90 sec sometimes longer, where he provides a short message you can take and apply in some way.

Sport Inspiration

Anthony is also a Former NFL player throughout the chat he shares about what sport means to him and about how sport really is great to bring people together. Anthony continues to share that a feel good part of sport is human connection with others, your with people who care for you, support you and who are also going through what you are going through.

Put things into perspective

Throughout the podcasts we also chat about how to get through hardships and one of the components in which help is by putting things in perspective. Anthony shares a tool his uses when stopping and putting things into perspective. Anthony says…

“Stop, take a breathe and look up at the sky and think about if you were up there in a cloud, look down at the bunch of ants. Whatever problem that ant has, it’s probably not that big! I think sometimes we take things really seriously but we are never really grateful for what we have. Our problems in the bigger scheme of things are probably not that bad but if you are grateful to have health, team mates etc… if you can express yourself that way that is a huge benefit”

Take a moment to pause and think about 3 things you are grateful for right now in your life. Where your focus goes, your energy flows! So think positive things and have gratitude.

Anthony’s Feel Good Thought for today is…

“I find that the true base of happiness, the base of where I can provide someones ability to be happy sustained, is the ability to have internal success to build trust. My company is called ‘Trust Your Hustle’, it is a very precise statement that I love because its really saying I trust my hustle, I trust myself. When you can get to that level, thats when you can get happy. When you can wake up everyday and you love yourself and you are happy with what you do, thats an internal fulfilment that no one can steal from you. So I am really big on that concept of Trust Your Hustle because that hustle is what can gives you success and when you can get your own success you have massive happiness”

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